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I've mentioned the Chromie scenario in the past. One of the interesting aspects about that is unique to the Chromie scenario is that, when we were creating it, we had to make a choice on about how often you could run the scenario and after listening to a lot of comments about how certain contents in 7.2 was a bit sloppy, or perhaps it was a little more gated. This definitely was a factor in some of the decisions about the way Chromie ended up playingout, that is, there's no time-gating whatsoever.

What is the main difference between raids from patches that have been made in relation to your process of development? In comparison to the past, raids aren't as closely aligned with patches as they were prior to. They are a bit later. What impact has this had on the growth of the patches themselves?

It's been liberating. We've been thinking about the game and how we distribute parts of the game in a different way. The past was when we released more discrete patches. A patch is simply "this amount of" content that you receive on the date you want and everything in the game is accessible. When we begin to build content earlier, if we've got an item in the Tomb of Sargeras in the game prior to it being completed, it's time to put us inside the Tomb of Sargeras. We can then release the raid, or any other content that is time-gated at a moment that feels right. We don't want to launch it too soon.

If we had released it in 7.2 I'd say that it could be a feeling that we didn't have enough time to fully explore Nighthold. There are many guilds that are trying to conquer some of the bosses that were last seen, and if we'd waited longer, it would likely feel like we'd been stuck in Nighthold for too long. A raid tier may take a long time and lose your attention, which is why separating those two aspects has helped free. It allows us a more room to take feedback into consideration and feel the community is responding to the game they're playing and then make content as it feels appropriate.

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