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To Register:

● Dial *1000#⇒Balance Transfer⇒ Set PIN⇒ New Pin⇒Confirm New PIN⇒(Pop Up Message “You have successfully set your new PIN”

To Transfer Balance:

►Through SMS

Go to create new message option and type ‘BTR<space>Amount<space>Receiver Mobile Number<space>PIN’
Then send the message to 1000
You will receive a confirmation.

►Through USSD

Dial *1000#⇒Balance Transfer⇒Amount⇒Enter the number⇒ Enter your PIN

To Change Pin:

►Through SMS

Go to create new message option and type CPIN<space>OLDPIN<space>NEWPIN. Example: ‘CPIN 1234 4321’
Then send the message to 1000

►Through USSD

Dial *1000#⇒Change Pin⇒Enter Current PIN⇒Enter NEW PIN⇒Confirm PIN


Minimum Tk. 10 and maximum Tk. 100 can be transferred in a single transaction (Without any fraction amount)
Maximum Tk. 500 in a day and Tk.1000 in a month can be transferred.
Amount should be round figures and should be typed in number only without any text (e.g. 50). no fraction will be allowed.
You need to register for the service through dialing a USSD code *1000#
You will be able to transfer balance through SMS as well as USSD (*1000#)
Daily limit would be lapsed every night at 12:00AM.

Promotional Charge:

Tk.2.44 (including VAT, SD & SC) from the sender’s balance.
Tk.2.44 (including VAT, SD & SC) from receiver’s end.