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Online earn for exam-2
Test and Answers: odesk skill Test

Question: 12
What term is commonly used to describe the shuffling of positions in search
engine results in between major updates?
Ans: B

Question: 13
While grading your website, Google gives credit to outbound links pointing
to authority websites?
Ans: B

Question: 14
Which of the following URLs can the Google search engine spider?
Ans: E

Question: 16
What does the 302 server response code signify?
Ans: D

Question: 17
Which of the following statements is correct with regard to the description meta tag?
Ans: D

Question: 18
State whether true or false.The Yahoo Directory listing is a free service for commercial sites.
Ans: A

Question: 19
Which of the following statements is correct with regard to the images within a webpage?
Ans: B

Question: 20
Cloaking is a controversial SEO technique. What does it involve?
Ans: B

Question: 21
Which of the following facts about Alexa are correct?

Question: 22
Google looks down upon paid links for enhancing page rank. If a website sells links, what action/s does Google recommend to avoid being penalized?
Ans: C