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Online earn for exam-1
Test and Answers: odesk skill Test

Question: 1
Which of the following search engines or directories provides the directory
search results for Yahoo?
Ans: B

Question: 2
Which of the following statements regarding website content are correct?
Ans: A

Question: 3
What is Keyword Density?
Ans: D

Question: 4
Which of the following statements about the Google Sitemap are correct:
Ans: A

Question: 5
Are RSS/Atom feeds returned in Google�s search results?
Ans: B

Question: 6
What does the term Keyword Prominence refer to?
Ans: C

Question: 7
Which of the following factors does Google take into account
while assessing whether or not a website is an authority website?
Ans: A,B,C

Question: 8
What is Anchor Text?
Ans: C

Question: 9
If you search for the term �iq test� in the Word Tracker keyword
suggestion tool, will it return the number of independent searches
for the term �iq�?
Ans: B

Question: 10
What is the illegal act of copying of a page by unauthorized parties
in order to filter off traffic to another site called?
Ans: D

Question: 11
Do search engines such as Google detect unnatural linking patterns by checking
the Class C IP address of the page where the link to the website originates?
Ans: A