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The second class, in English-1

১. Translate it inrejigulo tax credit./ইংরেজীগুলো খাতায় লিখে বাংলায় অনুবাদ কর।
Greeting, Listen, Lesson, repeat, good morning, stuendt, stund up. Listen and repeat, How, Fine, How are you. Thank, Thank you. Fine, And how are you, teacher? X. Hello, Mina! I am fine, thank you. and you? come. Let\'s play. let us. w. okay. Good afternoon, students. Hello, Mina! I am fine, you? I am fine, too. come, let\'s sing. Look. Listen and say. I am Tamanna. I am a girl. He is Masud. She is a girl. Look at the picture. Listen and recite. A rhyme. Introduction. Away. Go. Again. Another. Little. day. Children, want to play. go away. Alphabet. Ant. Axe. bat, ball. Cup. Cat. Dool, Dog. Egg. Elephant. Activity Sheet. Small letters. Review. Practise writing. Fan. Frog. Goat. Girl. Hat. Horse, Inkpot. Igloo. Jar, Jeep. Key. Kangaroo. Lotus. Lamb. Mug. Mango. Nest. Nose. ox. orange. pot. Pigeon. Quilt. Queen. Ruler. Rose. Sun, Star. Tap. Tamato. umbrella. Uniform. Vase, Van. Window. Wall. X-ray. Xmas tree. YOYo. Yak. Zebra. Zoo. Teacher: Stand up. T: Sit down. T: Come here. Now you can go. Listen to me. Open your book. Commands and instructions. do and say. Close your book. Look at the blackboard. Write on the blackboard. Clean the blackboard. Raise your hand. Put your hand bown. Don\'t make a nose. Keep quiet. Fun with sounds I. initial sounds. There are thee sets of words below. Each set begins with the same sound. Cap. Can. Cat. Man. Map. Mat. Rat. Ram. Rack. Statements. That is a hen. This is a cat. This is a book. That is a pen. That is a frog. This is a fan. Join the dots and colour the picture. The following words end with the same sound (en, un, in). hen. pen. men. sun. bun. nun. pin. bin. tin. ant, ass, aunt, apple, boy, ball, book, bitd, cat, cap, car, crow, dog, boll, deer, duster, egg, eye, ear, elephant, fant, fish, frog, flower, gun, girl, goat, glass, hen, hut, hare, horse, ink, ice, infant, jug, jar, jute, jackal, key, kite, king, kangaroo, leg, lamb, lion, lamp. man, milk, moon, mango, nib, net, nest, nose, ox, owl, orange, onion, pen, pin, plate, pigeon, Quran, quilt, quill, queen, rat, rose, rain, ring, sun, ship, soap, shoe, tea, tree, table, tiger, uncle, ytensil, uniform, umbrella, van, vulture, vitamin, vegetable, wax, wall, wolf, watch. x-ray, x-masday, xebec, xylophone