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Second class, Bengali - 37

I gladly
49. What a bliss?

Ant and the dove
50. How hamte little ant?
51. Who got thirst?
52. Where the river flows?
53. Ant to get across the water out?
54. The key here is to go to pimparera?
55. Pimparera very good friend who is?
56. What was the gunner ghughuke?
57. What was the ant hunter arrow chumrate?
58. What I dove down on the grass?
59. What are the ant dance?
60. I know the mind of a veteran?
61. Where to eat ant khujachila?
62. I was getting way pimparera?
63. Where was the turtle?
64. What dekhala turtle?
65. Pimpareke dove out how to help?
66. Ant to hear more?
67. How the ant on the top of the page?
68. What is the gunner to see?
69. Ghughuke ant out how to help?
70. You get to hear the dove?
71. Pimparera to hear what this turtle?