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Second class, Bengali - 36

Baishakhi fair

25. When the New Year?
26. Baishakhi fair is a day?
27. Pem pom what sound?
28. Fig Fig bajache what?
29. What color was sasara?
30. What urache Enkeyo bow?
31. How to strip the chest nagaradolaya time?
32. What are indigenous to sell?
33. Are you gaiche and nacache?
34. What most parents purchased?
35. Where is the Baishakhi fair?
36. How is it going to listen to the fair?
37. In addition to the fair with his father?
38. How fair condition?
39. What is a shop selling fair?
40. What are the fruits baisakhe pake?
41. Ian saw the new book What?
42. The cucumbers are ripe?
43. What urache the sky?
44. Kite and see how long?
45. How beautiful is the fair?
46. Fun fair on what it takes?
47. I think it fair to phiralama home?
48. What is fair is coming from?