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Second class, Bengali - 31

150. Which is exactly match with what you do -
Storms in the north-wester saratkale
Many of the rainy season leaf jhare
Hemantakale nadinala filled with water
The spring harvest festival
Cuckoo in the winter post
Summer time pake

Section hisa hisa jhauyera hisa
False false false rainy river
Ghatera pitcher carat carat
Ear rip frolic
Thai thai thai fish market
Forest and grass snakes fees fees fees
Sky thunder-Shaun Shaun Shaun
Darkling rat boot boot boot

I gladly whistle bajabe
Food for everyone in your house
My house will biliye
I was in my house hasaba

Honey before I buni
Khumjitechi to your home
Food to draw
151. Choose the right word for an empty place basao.
Ttena word of it. Jhakajhaka / jhikajhika
Ttena continued. Day\'s / night\'s
Then take the field. Forest / Bill
Pool on the train noise. Jhanajhana / jhamajhama
Just fill in the word by putting an empty space.
-------- A crowd of myna. Glisten
But the forest is a forest of . Cows
C. After the ---------. Kicimici
D kasabana swelling swelling --------. Response
---------- Please e sand. White

------. Jhare a sweat Jharajhara / daradara
B --------- caucira. Pond, river / canal bill
C ---------- the roddura. Khan khan / jham jham
I headed -------- d cymbals. Pulse / air
E ---------- I eat drowsiness. Kestrel / oar