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class one, english -26

1. সঠিক বাক্যে টিক চিহ দাও। একটি নিব A pin/A nib, একটি পাত্র A cot/ A pot. একটি কুকুর A log/ A dog, a mill / A hill. A pen in a nib, A log on a fox, A hut in a hen, A table on a cup.
2. How many days are February? There are twenty-eight days in February, But twenty-nine days in a leap-year.
3. What can I see? I can See left and right.
4. Where do I look? I look at the ground and sky.
5. How many days are there in January? There are thiry-one days in January
6. How many days are there in March? There are thiry-one days in March.