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class one, english -18

1. ইংরেজী থেকে বাংলা। Rain, Come, Again, little, play, Soon, Great, Man, Early, Healthy, Wealthy, A bed, A net, An egg, A leg , A hen, A pen, A log, Stand up, Sit down, Good morning, Goodbye, Come here, Go to your seat, open the door, Eye, Head, Ear, Foot, Close the door, A bag, A bat, A hat, A mat, A rat, A hill, A mill, A lid, A nib, A pin, A tin, learn, Head, Eye, Ear, Leg, Foot, Cap, Nose, See, Left, Right, Ground, Sky, Merrily, Sings, Clock, time, work, play, Love, Country, Land, Green, Homeland, Look, How are you? How old are you? Close the door? For, Doll, Wise, Away, little, play, Wants.