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class one, english -15

1. বাংলা কর। flag, deer, carrot, onion, wheat, uncle, rain, deer, finger, milk, sky, ink, pot, flower, tree, frog, cat, hand, pigeon, sister, yellow, CLOCK, blood, ink opt, flag, jakal, mouse, FATHER, BREAD, EGG, HOME, I AM A GOOD BOY, IT IS MY DOG, THAT IS A DOOR, I HAVE TWO HANDS, THIS IS A GUN, HE GOES, I READ A BOOK, THE MAN IS TALL, HE IS MY TEACHER, THE BAG IS RED, MOTHER, NIGHT,BLUE, READ, GOAT, I am in class one, I live in rajshahi disrtict, he has a dog, they are eat fish, sit by me, it is a mango, i am a girl, we have a cow, we eat dry food,