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class one, english -9

1. English-tax: My name is Tamanna, a student, grass, fruit, music, mirrors, love, justice, quickly, I am seven years old, I was the first among me, my father\'s name, SMS hedayetula, and my mother\'s name is jasmine reviews on Amazon, My father was a lecturer (jack, my mother was a housewife, my school is a school of Rajshahi University, Rajshahi, my school, my country Bangladesh, the big city, I live in Bangladesh, I would book me, I play foot ball, I write, my a sister there, non of the English alphabet to the first or, at least in the English alphabet to the last spoke, in English and transliterate the 6 spoke, and Bangladesh is my motherland, sapala our national flower, your name and what your house where jackfruit, our national fruit, doyela our national birds, ilisa our national fish, the Royal Bengal Tiger is our national animal, our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, large rivers, the Meghna, I have two legs, the sky is blue, and my mother, I\'m a student, I am female, I\'m a good girl, it is my dog, they yaiteche, naughty girl, beautiful girl, I love to eat cake, I can not drink tea, love, and he is my friend, I go, he went in, the green plants, I love our siadena jack, black-handed, I\'m a good girl, There is a door, this is a house,