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class one, english -4

1. English-tax: a black umbrella, a small fish, a fat tiger, a short dog, a yellow pages, today, tomorrow, yesterday, who? How? Where? What? Go to your seat, good morning, that you, the doors close, here eso, a red ball, a yellow dragon, a green mango, a black sheep, a blue fish, father, mother brother, head, cu, ears, mouth, arm, leg, foot, apples, dolls, eggs, fish, goat, a chicken and an egg, a rat and a cat, a goat and a sheep, a doll and an apple, a top and a truck, indolent cells, ice, jug, ghura, mango, net, sara, pot, Queen, idura, sheep, top, umbrella, van, clock, rontgen ray, yoke, garden, finger, friend, sister, lock, potatoes, fowl, game, birds, ink, ball, milk, bed, books, week, river, country, bread, and a student - chratrira, monkey, uncle, umbrella, kite, a doll, in seven books, it is an egg, I\'m hungry, a hasa, mango trees, I am me, in ten books, I hamsi, a tiger, my brother, I eat rice, my brother, a flower, I eat rice, one-handed, I do not book me, I have a book. It is a cyst, it is a flower, I eat rice, we do khera, a hasa, garlic, globe, elbow, arm, peacock, breadfruit, a student, spoon, mosques, jack, sugar, rose, green coconut, my mother is good, Large birds, milk white, with a garden, bear, neck, koakila, I think, that the sun is coming, it is hot, lokati is long, a pen, a mountain, a factory, a nib, a canister, a pin, a box, a jackal, a large piece of wood, a dog, a bus, a cup, a sun, a mug, large, and, but, so, and, or, short, thick, glossy / thin, comfortable, cool, The two-khi, hot, old, young, tall, short, this is an apple, this is a doll, this is a fish, this is a sheep, a bag in the box above,
Ghabera of a chicken, net of a idura, sky, sun, wood on top of a dog, madure a cat, a red rose, a blue bird, a green home, a yellow banana, a black crow, sky blue, phulati beautiful, my mother , he is my jack, lokati long, I do not book me, then, is it a cat, it is a pen, it is a book, it is a feather, it is a gun, it is my tame cat, good girl, 1 egg, it is a kennel , This is my book, I amkitechi, I can not read, that the dog bow-wow, head, eyes, hands, nose, ears, mouth, try to do it, I paritechi a book, a red kite, a green mango, for a period of goat , a yellow rose, a blue truck, playgrounds, players, football, cricket, hockey, tennis racket sport, swimming, racing, car, bicycle, matarasaikela, rickshaw, boat, train, steamer, mountains, sea, forest, island, cloud, ax, knife, saw, tarakari, spade, ura, needle, ladder, batali, scissors, nail, hammer, poor, rich, road, speed, name, illness, fever, rent, market, above, below, beside, Schools, colleges, universities, beef, apple, curi, gourd, raw, litchi, persimmon, for, at the bottom, for, I paritechi, you yaitecha, he nacache, Karim Wireless, runa kheliteche, and cooking kariteche, tahura likhiteche, suma hasiteche, tahura and Tamanna pariteche, child kamditeche, affection naciteche, I khaitechi rice, a fish dharitechena, he kariteche water to drink, you have a book paritecha, pakhira aloft on the wing, I can daurate, I play foot ball, I can plant carate, you I go to school, he or she may be riding carate, it can be in English, he could read and write, I have not eso and your book, you karitecha game, you can book parachena, wheat, calf, money, chalk, Fakir, food, prizes, night, month, madhu, he likhiteche, you have to go away to school, Rajib could be in English. Sky, the sun, to see the film. The Boss. Not me. Your head to touch them. A black crow. Sky, the sun. Net of a mouse, close your books. Open your book. Open the door to your home. Large radius, and look at the ball. I\'m good. A green home, go to your seat. How are you? Thank you very much. Here eso. How much time? Now, at seven. Good morning. I do not eat rice. What is your age?