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Abbreviation of Computer and Internet – 29.2

GB : Gigabytes

GBps : Gigabytes per second or Gigabits per second

GDI : Graphical Device Interface

GHz : GigaHertz

GA General Availability

GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GAL Generic Array Logic

GAPI Gateway Application Programming Interface

Gb Gigabit (1,024 megabits) /

(One Billion Bits of Information)

GB Gigabyte (1,024 megabytes) /

(One Billion Characters of Information)

GCC GNU C-Compiler [Unix]

GCR Group Code Recording

GDA Global Data Area

GDDM Graphics Data Display Manager

GDG Generation Data Group [IBM]

GDI Graphical Device Interface

GDLC Generic Data Link Control [IBM]

GDP Graphic Draw Primitive

GDT Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing /

Global Descriptor Table /

Graphics Development Toolkit

GECOS General Electric Comprehensive Operating System

GEIS General Electric Information Service (company)

GEM Graphics Environment Manager (DRI Program)

GENIE General Electric Network for

Information Exchange

GEO Geostationary Earth Orbit

GEOS Graphic Environment Operating System [Geoworks]

GET Get Execute Trigger

GGP Gateway-Gateway Protocol [Internet]

GHZ Gigahertz

.GIF Graphics Interchange Format (file name extension)

GIGO Garbage In, Garbage Out

GII Global Information Infrastructure

GILS Government Information Locator Service

GIS Geographic Information System /

Global Information Solutions [AT&T]

GIX Global Internet Exchange [Internet]

GKS Graphical Kernal System

GL Graphics Language

G/L General Ledger