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First-class Bengali -41

273. The Qur\'an, our academy, books, and mosques, the sentence is about 6 likha. Qur\'an - Qur\'an alahara message. Quran Languages ​​Arabic. The religion of the Qur\'an. One of the Qur\'an saoyaba. Ramadan is the month of the Qur\'an najila. We follow the Quran calaba. Our Academy: - The name of the Masjid Mission Academy Academy. There is room in our ekademite 8. The college has an academy side. There is a playground for our ekademite. We are ekademite bisajana jack. About our ekademite pamcasatajana student - a student there. Books - Book a symbol of knowledge. His knowledge of the book. Of our daily companion. The best book of the names of all al-Qur\'an. We should be reading every day. Many books are available in the library. Mosque - Mosque alahara room. Prayer in the mosque to read. Prayer at the Mosque of Imam Sahib teach. Muyajjina ajana the Mosque. Kaba world\'s first mosque. Ward round should be a mosque.