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Second class, Bengali - 32

The only question for the study:
152. How sound is top of the revolution?
153. How are clouds of sound?
154. Milk - eat a banana and rice vinegar are mixed?
155. How to sell a home sound?
156. How is the word of the pigeon post?
157. Baby cat sound like?
158. Two days after the weeper khuku how?

159. Jhauyera Section How?
160. How is the rainy river?
161. How karakare inn?
162. Regemege slap me?
163. How is the fish market?
164. How ghatera pitcher?
165. How do darkling rat?
166. Dhakidera make it?
167. I know that thunder?
168. How do grass snakes in the forest?
169. How\'s the ear?