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class one, english -34

101. রাইম্স থেকে সঠিক বাক্য লিখ/ সাজিয়ে লিখ| my love I contry. I land my love. Bangladesh Green my homeland. There are what? Sky at the look. I it let go then again. A caught alive fish I once. The round sun, is one moon. Around jump and turn with me. Turn with me and play around. a red is rose, The blue is sky. a green is leaf. Black is my hair, A yellow is banana. I love my land, I love my country. My homeland, Green Bangladesh. There are what? Look at the sky. Moon is one, Find the stars. Round the sun. Blue, blue, The sky is blue. Red, red, A rose is red. yellow, yellow, A banana is yellow. Green, green, A leaf is green. Write the parts of body in tex book. Write the fruits in tex book. Write the flowres in tex book. Write the animals in tex book. Write the describing words. Write the colours.