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1 st Level, English, class one, english -32

1. Bengali to English tax. A red ball, a yellow dragon, an arm and a face, a box on a tennis racket, a net inside a lion, a cu and an ear, a cup and an egg, in a crouching position on the wood of a sheep, a black fungus, a short dog, a yellow page, a green mango, a red kite, a green mango, a black goat, a yellow rose, a blue truck, a black sheep, a cat on a madurera, a box on a bus, a sleepy cell inside a chicken, a fish inside a net, sun sky, a thalera inside a pen, a mug, a jagera inside, a blue fish, chicken and a shorter, a fat sheep, goats, black, red lion, baghati yellow, a blue bird , page in green, garuti black, a red lotus, a small duck, lily, cow, fish, lion, tiger, sky, leaves, color, rose, hair, and, in yellow, kalo cows, the black gingham, Pope, baskets, poor , curdled milk, soil, kabutara, moon, circled, and they, the country, I love my country, Bangladesh is green, the sun is a ball, a red lion, Bangladesh is my motherland, baghati is yellow, coarse lion, a white pamtihasa, a red Lotus, our country is green, the sky the moon.