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class one, english -25

Bengali to English and tax: a sahebi hat and a cat, a chicken and a pen, a nib and a pin, a box and a fox, a dog and a wood fragment / crouching position, with a jug and a mug, a bat and a ball, a mouse and a cat, a leg and an arm, an egg and a fish, a doll and a cradle, a box and a pot, a factory and a hill, a bus and a kennel. A bat, a box, a fox, a cradle / bed, a pot, a dog, a wood fragment / crouching position, a ball, a mouse, a tiger, a leg, an arm, this is an egg, a fish, this is a doll, a cradle, a box, a pot, a factory, a hill, a bus, a kennel, an egg, a doll. This is an apple, this is an egg, this is a doll, this is a fish, this is a sheep, this is a van / truck, a red rose, a blue bird, a green home, a yellow banana, a black crow. A box on a bag, inside a hen house, a sluggish, a madurera on a cat, a rat inside a net, a fish with a net inside a house on a hill, a patrera on an egg, a boy and a sluggish flow inside , a pen inside a box, inside a chicken house on a lazy, on a bed, a doll, a wooden dog on a crouching position, the sun in the sky, on a doll in a cradle, a thalera inside a ball, a light inside a nib, a cat on a chair, a net inside a fox, a one patrera on a fish, a thalera inside a mug, a large hill, with a small kennel, with a thick dog, a hot cup, a short cat. a, e, i, o, u - the pronunciation of the word and sentence of 6 marks to write. Some of the cross-term likha (Big / small, Hot / cold, Sad / Happy, Old / Young, Tall / Short,). A red rose, a blue bird, a green home, a yellow banana, a black crow. How much does a day in the first seven months likha. Do you have any - any month is 31 days likha. Do you have any - any month is 30 days likha. A doll and a fish, a madurera eggs on it. An apple on a table. An elderly man on a car. A red thalera inside an egg. An egg on a patrera. A bag in a box at the top. Within an old fish in a net. A karakhana on a hill. Within a jagera a mug. A boy in a sleepy house. A box inside a pen. A small apple on a red bed. On a doll in a cradle. A small ball inside a red thalera. A new light inside an old nib. A black cat on a blue chair. Within a small fox in a yellow net. A fish inside a large patrera. Thalera inside a hot mug of green. A hot cup. This is a short-cat. A red bird on a new plover. A cat on a baksrera. A house on a hill. A fish inside a fish. A yellow egg. A black umbrella. A green mat. A fat zebra. A small clock. An old queen. A thin book. A cold bottle. Happier. Young, thirty days, atasa day, to meet, right, left, the sky, you can, work out, rain, come, again, a small, finger, a leg and an umbrella. An egg and a fish. Days, remaining at all, than / except, alone, on land, as, from left, hours, leap-year, the sky, happy with the songs they play, watch, time, work, rest. A green mango, a blue fish, a red ball, a yellow kite. A black sheep. An idle cell inside a goat. A bus on a mountain. A lid on a patrera. A net inside a lion. A box on a bus. The sun is overhead. A jagera inside a mug.