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class one, english -24

1. এলোমেলো শব্দ দিয়ে বাক্য তৈরী কর: hill a, pin a, pot a, a rose red, a bird blue, a leaf green, a banana yellow, a crow black, a box on a bag, a hut in a hen, a mat on a cat, a net in a rat, a log on a dog, the sky in the sun, this is a apple, this egg is an. left see can I, ground the look i at, sky at the i look, September have thirty days. thirty-one have all the rest, in a leap-year twenty-nine days, sings the clock Merrily, Time for work It\\\'s, play for it\\\'s time.
2. . কবিতা লিখ (৪টি। Pussy cat, Days and Months, I can see, Tick Tock.