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class one, english -22

1. কবিতা থেকে শুন্যস্থান পুরণ কর। ----cat, ----cat, where----you? I\\\'he ---to---the queen, pussy----, pussy----, what---you ---there? I ---a ---mouse---the chair. ----days---september, ----and november, All the ---have thirty---, excepting----. Thirty ----have ----. Excepting ---alone. twenty-nine ---leap-year. I ---see---, I ---see---, ----to you! I ---at---ground, ---look ---the ----, Merrily---the clock. It\\\'s time for work, It\\\'s time for play, and ---it ----, all---day. Tick-tock----. It\\\'s time for---. All the---. ----sings the clock. I can see left----, ----at the ground. Thirty days have ----. Excepting February---.