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class one, english -19

1. Bengali to English. Father, mother, brother, sister, to learn, quickly, great, rain, again, off-day, small, seek, play, back, head, eyes, nose, legs, face, hands, ears, and a bag, a bag, a hat, a mat, a cat, a rat, a bed, a soup, a chicken, a pen, morning, bed, healthy, rich, wise.
2. Randomly or with words. acklb, tndas, ortbehr, utmoh, ecols, oganm, eshep, theacw, erzune, equne, ernal, raget, eadh, yee, rea, osen, andh, egl, otof, pu, ownd, meco, ereh, og, oury, eats, peno, tab, apc, ishf, oatg, gge, ceram iec, ugj, itek, egl, xo, otp, etn, mrberllu, anv, achtw, okey, braez.
3. That there is a poem. Rain Rain ego, and for apples, to Little Bird Buck, Buck bya bya sipa, arali Rising, Teddy bare.