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class one, english -13

1. English is the .10-17/ইংরেজী কর।. father, mother brother, head, cu, ears, mouth, hands, legs, feet, apples, dolls, eggs, fish, goat, do-nothing house, ice, jug, ghura, mango, net, sara , pot, Queen, idura, sheep, top, umbrella, van, clock, rontgen ray, yoke, garden, finger, friend, sister, lock, potatoes, fowl, game, birds, ink, ball, milk, bed, books, monkeys , uncle, umbrella, kite, a doll, in seven books, it is an egg, I\'m hungry, a hasa, mango tree, I\'m me, in ten books, I hamsi, a tiger, my brother, I eat rice, my brother, a flower , I eat rice, one-handed, I do not book me, I have a book. It is a cyst, it is a flower, I eat rice, we do khera, a hasa, garlic, globe, elbow, arm, peacock, breadfruit, a student, spoon, mosques, jack, sugar, rose, green coconut, my mother is good, Large birds, milk white, with a garden, bear, neck, koakila, I think, that the sun is coming, it is hot, lokati is long, a pen, a mountain, a factory, a nib, a canister, a pin, a box, a jackal, a large piece of wood, a dog, a bus, a cup, a sun, a mug, large, and, but, so, and, or, short, thick, glossy / thin, comfortable, cool, The two-khi, hot, old, young, tall, short, this is an apple, this is a doll, this is a fish, this is a sheep, a bag in the box above, ghabera in a chicken, net of a idura, the sky The sun, on top of a wooden dog, madure a cat, a red rose, a blue bird, a green home, a yellow banana, a black crow.