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class one, english -7
1. শব্দগুলো দিয়ে বাক্য রচনা কর ও বাংলা কর। পুত্র, চা, গামলা, নতুন, বই, বল, কবি, তাবু, কুৎসিত, নেওয়া, দেওয়া, পাতলা, ঘুড়ি, বলা, পিঁপড়া, মৌমাছি, পেঁচা, কড়াই, ইঁদুর, apple, mango, fish, mug, hen, flag, deer, carrot, onion, wheat, uncle, rain, deer, finger, milk, sky, ink, pot, flower, tree, frog, cat, hand, pigeon, sister, yellow, CLOCK, blood, ink opt, flag, jakal, mouse, FATHER, BREAD, EGG, HOME, I AM A GOOD BOY, IT IS MY DOG, THAT IS A DOOR, I HAVE TWO HANDS, THIS IS A GUN, HE GOES, I READ A BOOK, THE MAN IS TALL, HE IS MY TEACHER, Tomato is good for eating. I have no umbrella, comb, My school is the best shool, Water is cold, It is beautiful, My father is a farmar, My house, I do, They are going, She went, Father loves mi, He is a poor man, What class do you reading? I am very sory, Wather, THE BAG IS RED, MOTHER, NIGHT,BLUE, READ, GOAT, I am in class one, I live in rajshahi disrtict, he has a dog, they are eat fish, sit by me, it is a mango, i am a girl, we have a cow, we eat dry food, son, tea, now, new, like, land, late, pure, rose, fowl, foot, poet, palem tent, ugly, take, thin, kite, ant, Bee, owl, pan, rat, a dog on a box, a goat in a hut, a bus on a hill, a pen in a bag, a lion in a net, a lid on a pot, a mill on a hill, a lid on a pot, a doll in a box, a lion in a net, a cup on a jug, a hen in a hut, a rat in net, I like to eat cake. Tomato is good for eating. village, journey, cloth, poim, mosquito, The horse run fast. I drink milk. Try to dio it. Drink clean water, Her name is Rima. We eat dry food. Mosque, Eid, camel, suger, farmer, stone, deer, earth, He is my friend, My frock is green, He is a writer, He is a poiem, Today is friday, olive, Tulip, The flower is beatiful, It is my pet cat, Juse, place, palace, Roof, floor, couch, photo, River, He is my teacher, paper, Mirror, Night, live, Quck, Sit, Malaria, Fever, pox, tumer, gastic, Blach berry, city, university, gain, health, Honest, Hour, Relative, Wrong, glad, Dig, Dream, Thank, Wise, week, prayer, parants, power, Strong, Havy, After, Heavy, Fresh food, Be carefull, Danger, clever, green tree, Rich man, Quck read, Near me, Be brave,