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class one, english -6

1. Opposite word likha: Sad, young, Hot, Tall, Big, Fat, Happy, Small, old, tall, cold, short, thin, ugly, nice, up / upon / on, white, sweet, strong, day, elevated, idle, after, dark, white, poor, wise, honest, but, brother, daughter, cool, wet, win,
2. IN the following sentence in English and tax: a sluggish flow inside a chicken, a fish inside a net, sun sky, a thalera within a pen
3. The color of the English words to fill in tax sunyasthana: A ---- leaf, A --- banana, A --- rose, A ---- bird, A --- crow.
4. Poetry likha poem named. Tulitala speech, bird, tudi beer, bi bi bird ready, puss CAT-color, one-two-three.