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class one, english -2
1. শুন্যস্থান পূরণ কর। L---G, B---T, H---T, X---Y, I drink ---, s---y, l---k, p---n, d---r, fl---, A horse has ---leges. A tiger has one---, --- is our national fruit. c---p, b---x, r---t, b---s, d---g, p---n, c---t, h---n, m---t, h---t, l---g, p---n, Stand----, Sit ---, ----your book, ----your book, ----morning, Good ----, one---three---- ---- ---- I ----- a fish--- ---seven ---- nine ten ----I let it go, I have been to ----, To see the ----, What did you ---- ----, I ---- a little----, under the---, LI---N, KI---E, FOO---, E---T, AN ----, h--p--y, ta-- --, y--u--g, L--- --n, --- ---d, Ch---ir, st--ry, d---y, m--th---r, t---d--y, f---y, ---nk, fr---it, d--t--, m--ng---, tte---, l---v---, h---rs----, me--t, m---n, k---d, f--ot, ---nd, f---th---r, lesson, spider, rice, honey, knife, table, jug, bird, meat, water, The man ---tall, This ---a ball, ---is ---egg, c---ll, c---m---, cr---w, b---t, b---t, --ni---n, f---c---, c---m---l, h---nd, l---k---, w---ek, r--ad, p---w---r, fl---g, k--ll, fru--t, b---y, fi---ld, k---ng, s---x, st----d --- nt, m---n---y, r---in, h---ll, s---a, y---ar, m---us---, m---nth, m---y, apr---l, w---st, d---g, b---x, b---g, f----t, m----t, l---ck, do---r, n---m---, e---e, y---u, w---ll, l---g, s---ft, o---t, c---p, g---, s--e---t, l--mp, m---in, n---ws, n---il, r--ad, l---g, ---at, l---ck, wr---te, s---n, t---e, v----n, Di: Chair, story, day, mother, today, fly, ink, fruit, date, mango, ttee, love, horse, meet, man, kid, foot, and, fother, lesson, spider, rice, honey, knife, table, jug, bird, meat, water, The man ---tall, This ---a ball, ---is ---egg, call, come, crow, but, bat, onion, face, camel, hand, like, week, read, power, flag, kill, fruit, boy, field, king, six, studint, money, rain, hill, sea, year, mouse, month, may, april, west, dog, box, big, fat, mat, lock, door, name, eye, you, will, leg, soft, out, cap, go, sweet, lamp, main, news, nail, read, leg, eat, lock, write, son, tee, van. fl---g, c---rr---t, wh---at, ---ncl---, r---in, f---ng---r, m---l---, s---y, ---nk, p---t, fl---w---r, tr---e, fr---g, c----t, h----nd, p---ge---n, s---st---r, y---ll---w, ---L---CK, bl---o---, j---k---l, m---us---, F----TH---R, B--E--D, ---GG, H----M---, I AM ----GOOD B---Y, IT ---MY D---G, THAT ---A D---OR, I H---VE TWO H---NDS, THIS ----A G---N, H--- G---ES, I R---AD---- BOOK, THE MAN --- T---LL, HE ----MY T---ACH---R, THE BAG ---- RED, N---GHT, BL---E, G---AT, I am --- cl---ss ---ne, I l---ve ---- rajshahi disrtict, he has --- dog, they --- eat fish, sit by me, it --- a mango, i am --- g---rl, we have --- cow, we eat dry food, n--w, ne---, l---nd, l---t---, p---r---, r---s---, f---wl, f---ot, p---et, palem t---nt, ----gl---, t---k---, th---n, k---t---, ---nt, B---e, ---wl, p----n, r---t, a dog --- a box, a g---at --- a h--t, a b---s --- a h---ll, a p---n --- a b---g, a li---n --- a n---t, a l---d --- a p---t, a m---ll --- a hill, a lid ---- a pot, a d---ll --- a b---x, a lion --- a n---t, a c---p --- a j---g, a h---n --- a h---t, a r---t ---- n---t.Di: wbPi kv_| Ice is ---but fire is ---. you are --- but i am ---. paper is --- but cloud is---. candy is --- but orang is ---. i am --- but you are ---, the book is --- but the brick is ---. A deer is --- but a bear is ---. I can --- a tree. I can\\\'t --- a horse, I can\\\'t --- a car. I can --- to schook. Tortois can\\\'t runfirst but hare ---. ---- is the 2nd day of a week. he can read and---. --- is the 1st day of a week. I ---go to school. ----man. --- sun. ---rose. --- egg. ---umbrella. ---am a girl. ---is Rahi. ---- father loves me. --- also love me. --- go to school. This is ---school. The boy ---playing. Boys ---playing. Mina and Mira --- dancing. Kamal ---his brother. Kamal and Jamal ---tow brother. The ----going to school. Yov --- reading a book. He --- runig. Liza ---joing sums. Look ---at the picture.